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Prelude to Worthy by Maxfield and Katherine

Prelude to Worthy by Maxfield and Katherine

Prelude to Worthy was written to capture the heart of the story that led to the birth of the Worthy King Jesus. Out of all that exists, He alone was found worthy to open the scrolls in the book of Revelation. He was the only one who could redeem fallen humanity. He was worthy to rise from the dead by the glory of the Father. He alone is worthy.

Before Jesus went to the cross, before the cries of a baby ever hit the stable walls, things were in motion that, from the beginning of time, were bringing humanity to the point where the birth of God's son would be revealed. This was not an isolated event. From the moment of creation, we see the story of Christ already taking form. Adam and Eve fell into temptation and immediately hope could be seen through the words offered by the Creator. The hopeful words of God were anchored in a coming One that would restore what was broken at that first sin. As the lyrics state, "[They] believed they could cover up sin with leaves. But eventually, a Man would come from the Three to receive the kingdom back and beat their sin with a tree."

The story was already in motion.

Moses leading the people out of slavery and into the Promised Land. It being prophesied that David's Son would build the temple. Zebulun and Naphtali seeing a great light. All of these were moments where the light of the promised Son could be seen shattering the darkness of night that sin had brought

As we look back over all of human history we see clearly God's design and purpose. Everything was leading up to this moment. All that ever happened before the birth of Jesus could be called a prelude. Prelude is defined as an introductory performance. It is not the main performance or primary event. The main event of all things was and still is Jesus. All things revolve around His life, death, and resurrection.

Jesus offers hope to every one of us. He alone is worthy but in His worthiness, He has made a way that we can be included in His righteousness and walk full of His Holy Spirit. Call on this Worthy King and be filled with Him today! That is true peace on earth!

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