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Hebrews Rest by Maxfield and Katherine

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Hebrews Rest by Maxfield and Katherine

Hebrews Rest is the first song from our upcoming album, The Saints. While there is no release date for the album yet, we are hoping to release it soon after the first of the year. However, the next single will come out closer than that so stay tuned!

Hebrews Rest captures the heart of the book of Hebrews. Each verse progresses sequentially through the book and the chorus hones in on what Maxfield (the author) sees as one of the most important points of the book of Hebrews: rest. Spiritual rest goes beyond bodily rest. It is a place where one walks in faith and obedience to Jesus. One has to be listening to the voice of God. When you hear Him and obey, Hebrews shows us that we essentially enter the Promised Land. The place where Heaven and Earth are woven and reconciled in the resurrected Christ. There is no worry or fear, just rest.

Many readers have probably heard of the Hall of Faith. Hebrews chapter 11. This is where the Bible shows us that the rubber meets the road. Where our reality bends to the truth of His reality. God has made access to the "unseen" things through faith. Him being the foremost of the unseen. Faith is also the assurance of things hoped for.

The song moves into the Hall of Faith with the passion that the verses inspire. Maxfield and Katherine certainly hope that anyone listening to their song will be united in faith for our God and Savior. The final verses hit the various stories presented in Hebrews 11 in rapid succession, each being preceded by the words, "By faith" just as scripture leads each story.

Hebrews Rest was produced and mixed primarily by Maxfield. Katherine is the source of the beautiful vocals provided in the track. She also is the artist behind the incredible song cover. The longer you look, the more symbolism you will see! Released July 23, 2021 Hebrews Rest is now available on all streaming platforms. Maxfield and Katherine are an up and coming husband and wife duo that create and produce music of various genres. Currently (and leading up to their album release) they are focusing on CHH (Christian Hip-Hop).

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